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The content of the Sod Ha’adam course is informative and gives one the opportunity to gain and grow. It
is not individualized guidance – nor does it take the place of individualized guidance. Sod Ha’adam
shares with you enlightening truths so that you can – to the best of your ability - incorporate these ideas
into your personal life to enhance your relationships and well-being.
Signing up to listen to the classes does not include the opportunity for personal answers or private
guidance. Sod Ha’adam offers 20 min of live questions and answers following each live class. However,
because of the time-limit, we cannot guarantee that all questions will be addressed. 
According to p’sak halachah and copyright law, these classes may be listened to by registered
participants only.
These classes may not be electronically recorded in any form, even for personal use.
These classes may not be given over in any public or group setting, for example - but not limited to; as a
classroom teacher, a group-leader, or at community gatherings. These classes are meant to be
incorporated in one’s personal life, to enhance your relationships with yourself, your spouse, children,
students, and clients.
Once you sign up for the classes, there is no refund.
Please note that the Sod Ha’adam live events and teleconference courses are two individual programs.
Paying for the teleconference does not include entrance to a live event and vice versa.

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